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Emergency Dental Clinic in Brampton to the Rescue

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Are you accident prone? Do you have small children who are very active? Maybe you have weak enamel making your teeth susceptible to unexpected issues. All of these are great reasons to become a new patient at an emergency dental clinic in Brampton. You never know when emergency situations will arise and it is always prudent to have a plan beforehand, since during a crisis it is hard to keep a level head and even harder to find an after-hours dentist if you are not already a patient.
Emergency procedures are something that all dentists train for, but some are more qualified than others. Upon an initial visit to a new practitioner you should inquire about their skill level, how many and what type of procedures have they performed, and if they have pictures or testimonials available from clients for you to reference. Pay attention during a routine visit as to how the dentist interacts with you, as this can be indicative of how they will react to you in an emergency situation.
Previous Dental History – Good dentists, like good doctors, cannot properly treat you until they know your dental history. Take note of how detailed the questions are that they ask you and if you feel that your dental health is of genuine concern to them.
Overall Interest – Do they ask questions about your health in general? Do they inquire about your other family members who go to see them? Sometimes underlying health issues can affect our teeth and gums and a good dentist will want to have a general idea about your lifestyle and any medical conditions they should be aware of to provide you with the best care.
Flexibility – Will they be available 24/7 if there is a problem? Some dentists even offer their home and cell phone numbers to their patients. They understand that unexpected circumstances requiring emergency attention rarely happen at a moment of our choosing. So it is important that your dentist or an associate in the clinic will be available during a crisis.
Payment – Some people are fortunate enough to have money set aside for unexpected situations, but for many of us this is not the case. Falling down and breaking a tooth is usually something that we don't budget for, so before you run into trouble, discuss potential payment plans with your dentist. Despite being an excellent oral doctor, if your dentist requires payment upfront and you cannot afford the procedure, their credentials will not do you much good. It is prudent to talk to them beforehand so that you are aware of the office's payment options. If you have an insurance coverage, make sure to discuss the limitations of your plan to avoid unforeseen charges when emergencies arise.
Like many medical professionals or people in positions of trust, a dentist should become someone you can trust and feel comfortable discussing oral health issues with. A dental practitioner should be able to recognize potential issues when they first arise and help you stop them before they become a problem. Contact a local emergency dental clinic in Brampton today and begin a partnership that will give your teeth something to smile about!

Dental Implant Procedure in Brampton

I’m in need of an emergency dental clinic in Brampton, for a dental implant procedure. I’ve completely damaged my tooth, chipping it and making it very uncomfortable in my mouth. How long is the wait time, and how long will the actual procedure take?


Thank you,


Ms. Campbell


By Azeem Sheikh (Admin)
 Thank you Ms Campbell for your inquiry.
We would be happy to schedule a complementary consultation to go over any and all options we would recommend for the treatment to replace your damaged tooth. If you decided you would like to proceed with an implant, we can in some cases replace the missing tooth immediately! Please feel free to contact us and inform us of the time within our office hours that would best suit your schedule.
We look forward to meeting you!

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